What is Cowboy Action Shooting™?

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. SASS endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, as well as The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. As an organization, SASS makes known rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in all Matches, and also works to protect its members’ 2nd Amendment rights. All SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West, as well as competitive shooting.

The Eas’dern Shore Renegades

The Eas’dern Shore Renegades was started in 2005 by Too Dang Frank (aka Frank Pinder) and Slash 8 (aka Earl Brooks). On the way home from a cowboy match one day, the two pards got to talking about starting a new cowboy match at the gun club where they both belonged. Delmarva Sportsman Association would become the new home for the Eas’dern Shore Renegades, the only SASS Club on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at that time. We shoot the first Saturday of every month year ’round.

Cost of the match is $15 which includes lunch ~ the best lunch around! Thanks go to our Golden Skillet Crew!


7:30 AM – Set up Course of Fire ~ All help is appreciated.

8:00 – 9:15 AM – Registration ~ Registration closes at 9:15. 

9:30 AM – Safety Briefing and Shooters’ Meeting

Match Begins after the Shooters’ Meeting

Match Director: Gunpowder John, craftyremodelers@yahoo.com

August Summary

August 2017

Please note, Pacos Pav came in 18th place with a total time of 221.61.  For some reason the system is trying to put him last. We are trying to fix this error. Sorry Pacos.

July 1, 2017     July 1, 2017 Summary

Congratulations to Clean Shooters for August:

  • Red Eyed Kid, Lowdown Sidewinder, Cholula Mike, & Sherriff R.T Lee
  • Montana Max comes from out West to join the Eas’dern Shore Renegades

    Snake Eyes another new face to the renegades

    Happy Birthday to Sundown Charlie and his freshly painted red toenails

    Wichta Wayne — Can you clear the smoke? I can’t see the targets.

    Wonderful day for a cowboy shoot!


    Doc! You left some shotgun targets standing!

    Grizzley Adams and PeePaw — Glad to have you back with us!

    Stripes timing Flowers 🙂

    Big Whiskey — Are YOU looking at ME?

    Chaluha Mike, Can you see past Jersey Sue’s big green fabulous feather!

    Birthday Boy Irishman Jim


    Black Hills Drifter and his posse. What a wonderful asset and computer brain for the ESR!! Thanks for all your hard work.

    A slimmer newer version of Red Eyed Kid

    Where’s Teton?? You mean I gotta do the talking?

    Slash and his bride came for a visit!!

    Wait. Was that supposed to go in the hole?


    Shop A Long visiting the Renegades for the weekend!

    Big Whiskey styling and profiling in pink. Our Top Cowboy Shooter. Congrats!

    Hazel Pepper. Looking Serious. Our Top Cowgirl Shooter! Congrats!

Top Cowboy:  Big Whiskey

Top Cowgirl:  Hazel Pepper