Battle Rifle Classes

Battle Rifle is adding new classes to the mix. We are adding new classes for scoped rifles and rifles with bigger calibers. When in doubt about a rifle bring it to a match and get it checked out.
  • Class 1: M1 Garand, 30.06 and 308 — This is by far, our favorite class, and why we started the Battle Rifle competition.
  • Class 1 S: Scoped M1 Garand 30.06 and 308
  • Class 2: Military bolt action: Springfield 1903, Enfield 1917,1914, Lee Enfield, Mosin Nagant, etc.
  • Class 2 S: Scoped military bolt action: same as above but scoped.
    • Note: Military bolt action rifles that have been sporterized must be ok’d by the match director. Some of these rifles may fall into class six.
  • Class 3 : Semi-auto rifles in 30 caliber: AR-10, M1 Carbine, AR’s in 7.62×39, 300 Blackout, Mini-14 in 7.62×39, AK 47, SKS, etc.  .300 to .310 caliber
  • Class 3 S: Scoped 30 caliber semi-auto rifles.
  • Class 4: Semi-auto rifles in 223 caliber: AR 15, mini 14, etc.
  • Class 4 S: Scoped semi-auto 223 caliber rifles.
    • Note: .223 or 5.56 only in this class.
    • Note: Scoped rifles are any rifles not using iron sights.
  • Class 5: Semi-auto rifle that has a caliber that does not fall into any of the other class like this.
  • Class 5 S: Scoped semi-auto rifles not in any other class.
    • Note: all rifles shooting in class 5 or class 5 S must be checked out by the match director.
  • Class 6: What the hell is it?  If you have a rifle and want to pull it out of the safe or from under the bed and you want to give it a try.
  • Class 6 S: Scoped what the hell is it?
    • Note: All rifles in these two classes must be checked out by the match director before the match.
  • Class 7: 22 Long Rifle – any single shot, pump, lever action, or semi-automatic rifle chambered in 22LR.
  • Class 7 S: Same as Class 7, but with a scope.

Battle Rifle

For additional information, contact the match director:
Dick Deale